Promote your music products to a passionate, targeted audience

Does your company serve musicians? We work with the finest companies serving musicians to help you get the word out, connect with an audience of passionate musicians who make music with your product, and do good for the world at the same time.


What we do

We offer premium music-related products/services at a great price, and donate 100% of the proceeds to charity. (GiveGetWin is 100% volunteer nonprofit with no salaries, benefits or convenience expenses — we do this out of love.)
In other words, we get great products in the hands of musicians at a really good price, companies donate audio samples/products in order to get the word out and get music being made with their stuff, and our community uses their talent and passion to make amazing music with those products. We’ve got a really cool, supportive community of musicians that are eager to level up their skills with what your company has to offer.

Benefits of working with us

— You gain exposure to a new audience of active and engaged music-makers
— You might make some sales + gain new customers
— You join the family of amazing companies that have worked with us
— You help charity along the way
In short, working with GiveGetWin could be a good way to promote your business, get the word out, and get in front of a new target market, while also doing good for the world at the same time.

How it works: The GiveGetWin Model

The GiveGetWin model is just what it sounds like: you give, you get, and everyone wins.
By donating copies of your product or service (or time if you’re an expert), you can reach engaged and passionate musicians.
100% of proceeds go to charity. Some of the most credible companies in the space have already worked with us and had some great outcomes — if you’re the best and doing great stuff, we’d love to support you in your mission.

Companies we’ve worked with

Note: be sure to check out the Hall of Fame page for more info on the companies we’ve worked with.
We’ve been blessed to work with and help promote the products of some amazing companies in the industry. None of this would be possible without them!
Past providers include:

These companies have been generous enough to donate tech to GiveGetWin, as a registered 501c3 nonprofit:

Frequently Asked Questions


Who buys from you?

Our community is full of engaged, passionate, and tech-savvy musicians who are eager to level up their skills and resources to enhance their musical experience with your product.
Here’s two tracks created by musicians in our community using drum samples from our Drum Heaven bundle:



How’s it work?

1. You donate your music-related product/service to charity.
2. Your product/service is placed in front of a community of passionate + engaged musicians.
3. We handle all marketing/promotion/sales to make it easy for you.
4. You get effortless exposure to a new audience + potentially some new customers and sales.
5. You do good for the world—100% of all proceeds from GiveGetWin deals are donated to charity.

What results can I expect?

“I participated the last time this site had a charity bundle deal and the quality was incredible. These guys know how to find great sample developers, and their hearts are in the right place.” — nineofkings from the KVRAudio forum
You can expect a really significant impact for both your business and the world. We pour and hearts and souls into every deal, because we’re committed to doing right by you, the musicians in our community, and for charity.
The results so far have been really positive, in terms of promotion and charitable impact, and we’d love to work with you and potentially make the same thing happen for you.

Is this a hassle?

Nope! It’s easier than finding a practice space.
After you donate, we’ll handle everything else. All you’d have to do is sit back and relax while we take care of the hard and boring stuff to promote your business and do good for the world.
You’d be welcome to promote the deal through your social networks, but it’s not required.

How long is the time commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment, and the length of each deal varies by deal. One of the first things we’ll talk about is what timetable you’re comfortable with, and what makes the most sense for you and your business.

About us

Who we are

Hello! We are Jesse and Sebastian, two music nerds that are probably cranking our speakers as you’re reading this.
jesseheadshot2Jesse Sussman is a recent graduate from NYU’s Clive Davis school who is deeply committed to connecting music and charity. He makes electronic music in Ableton, runs a small beat-focused label, and curates playlists for Google Play Music.
Jesse is an active member of Reddit’s musician community—his posts there are some of the forum’s highest ranked submissions. When he’s not writing music or writing about it, Sussman plays the guitar, piano, and the MPC.
Despite the fact that music-making is often a solo activity, Jesse believes that being involved in a supportive community of musicians is crucial to anyone who wants to grow as a musician (and as a person) while having fun in the process.
“All day I think about how to make better music and connect with other musicians, while staying true to the kind of music I want to make. Being around great and supportive musicians has been transformative for my growth as an artist, and that’s why I’m excited to help build a community that might be able to help others take their music to new heights.”
sebastianheadshotSebastian Marshall started GiveGetWin five years ago when he saw an opportunity to help people reach their personal and professional goals skills and and simultaneously do good for the world.
At GiveGetWin, Marshall and the team have worked with many of the top universities in the world (UChicago, MIT, NYU Stern) and regularly goes on tour with them. When he’s not on the road, Sebastian splits his time between nonprofit/science work, working with great CEO’s, and writing about history, productivity, and math.
Marshall met Sussman when Sussman was selected for an extremely prestigious UChicago program and was the top performer, and is so excited to work closely with Sussman to help engage, support, and provide for musicians in any and every way possible.
“There’s something different about people who make music. When I first started working closely with communities of musicians like Sussman, I knew that this talent, this engagement, and this passion… you just don’t find this same energy anywhere else. I knew right away that these are the people I want to work with and support.”

Who GiveGetWin is

GiveGetWin has been running and people have been loving it for five years. We follow a new approach to philanthropy, where talented individuals and companies donate their products and services, which are offered in regular flash sales and daily deals. By targeting people’s discretionary budget instead of their charity budget, GiveGetWin makes a difference in the world while also helping people reach their personal and business goals. It’s also a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff, salaries, or fringe benefits.
We’ve had an overwhelming response for the charity deals we’ve put together for Musicians, and now we’re really excited to bring a focused, curated division of GiveGetWin specifically for Musicians and musician-serving companies.

Why we do this

We do this because it creates a triangle of awesomeness: musicians get rare opportunities, music-related companies get promotion, and as a bonus, we do good for the world at the same time.
We wrote a long post about why we do this on our philosophy page. Check it out, but be sure to come back and start a conversation with us!

Get in touch

Sound cool? Shoot us an e-mail right now to get the conversation going — you can literally just send us a message that says “hi I saw your page!”