GiveGetWin has been running and people have been loving it for five years. We’ve had an overwhelming response for the charity deals we’ve put together for Musicians — we’re doubling down on this so you can continue to get rare opportunities and resources from the best in the industry.
We bring you fresh, cool music-production related things at a great price with all the proceeds going to charity, all possible because there’s generous companies that like supporting charity and supporting musicians.

Our Philosophy

Staying up until 3am on a Monday making beats in your garage studio. Spending hours finding a kick with the perfect amount of thump. Forgetting to eat dinner because you were too busy writing a badass chord progression.
For anyone who’s not a musician, these things might not make sense.
But for us, they’re everything.
As a musician, you know what it’s like to create something beautiful from scratch. You know what it’s like to lose yourself in the music and forget about everything else. And above all else, you know what it’s like to grow.
We want to help you continue to grow musically, and make your creative process even more rewarding.

Meet the Crew

jesseheadshot2Jesse Sussman is a recent graduate from NYU’s Clive Davis school who is deeply committed to connecting music and charity. He makes electronic music in Ableton, runs a small beat-focused label, and occasionally curates playlists for Google Play Music.
Jesse is an active member of Reddit’s musician community—his posts there are some of the forum’s highest ranked submissions. When he’s not writing music or writing about it, Sussman plays the guitar, piano, and the MPC.
Despite the fact that music-making is often a solo activity, Jesse believes that being involved in a supportive community of musicians is crucial to anyone who wants to grow as a musician (and as a person) while having fun in the process.
“All day I think about how to make better music and connect with other musicians, while staying true to the kind of music I want to make. Being around great and supportive musicians has been transformative for my growth as an artist, and that’s why I’m excited to help build a community that might be able to help others take their music to new heights.”
sebastianheadshotSebastian Marshall started GiveGetWin five years ago when he saw an opportunity to help people reach their personal and professional goals skills and and simultaneously do good for the world.
At GiveGetWin, Marshall and the team have worked with many of the top universities in the world (UChicago, MIT, NYU Stern) and regularly goes on tour with them. When he’s not on the road, Sebastian splits his time between nonprofit/science work, working with great CEO’s, and writing about history, productivity, and math.
Marshall met Sussman when Sussman was selected for an extremely prestigious UChicago program and was the top performer, and is so excited to work closely with Sussman to help engage, support, and provide for musicians in any and every way possible.
“There’s something different about people who make music. When I first started working closely with communities of musicians like Sussman, I knew that this talent, this engagement, and this passion… you just don’t find this same energy anywhere else. I knew right away that these are the people I want to work with and support.”

Making a Difference: For the Musician, for the Community, and for the World

We’re doing three things here —
1. 100% of proceeds here go to charity. We’re 100% volunteer with no salaries, benefits, or convenience expenses. When you buy a charity deal supporting your musicianship, 100% of proceeds are building up the world.
2. We bring you only the best resources from the most credible people, to help your musicianship — whether it’s a production master class from the engineer who mixed D’angelo, a treasure-trove of industry-grade drum samples, or songwriting seminars from Billboard-charting artists, you’ll find an incredible collection of music related classes, products, and services that are all about making you thrive as a musician.
3. We’re really committed to building up a great supportive place, a community, so you actually get your music out there. So many people are scared or lonely when they’re making art, and we want to do a small part so you know you’re connected, so that as you’re getting great listens, and as your career goes up, you’re also helping other musicians along the way.


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