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Here we’re supporting musicians and doing cool things for charity.
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Is it your first time here? On this site, you’re going to find rare opportunities to get incredible products and services for musicians with all the proceeds going to charity.
Whether it’s a production master class from the engineer who mixed D’angelo, a treasure-trove of industry-grade drum samples, or songwriting seminars from Billboard-charting artists, you’re going to find an incredible collection of music related classes, products, and services that are all about making you thrive as a musician.
We do this out of love — GiveGetWin is 100% volunteer nonprofit with no salaries, benefits or convenience expenses.

What can I expect from this site?

1. Access to rare musician-related opportunities and resources at great prices,
2. A community of like-minded people that are serious and passionate about music-making,
3. Insights from the industry’s successful producers + songwriters to enhance your musicianship,
4. The chance to connect yourself with top audio companies,
5. The opportunity to grow as a musician and give back to the world at the same time.
“I participated the last time this site had a charity bundle deal and the quality was incredible. These guys know how to find great sample developers, and their hearts are in the right place.” — nineofkings from the KVRAudio forum

What kind of stuff do you offer?


We recently offered a massive drum sample pack bundle for producers (13,000+ samples) that included signature sounds from some of our favorite sample-makers.
Over 13,000+ samples were included in the “Drum Heaven” bundle from the following packs:

Loopmasters — Thomas Penton Main Room Claps & Snares
Black Octopus — Monster Kicks Vol. 1
Goldbaby — When Alien Drum Robots Attack + When Alien Drum Robots Attack 2
Tha Loops — Timbo Hip Hop Drumz
Zenhiser — Trap & Twerk Drum Hits
Dollar Bin — Drum Ensemble Vol. 1
Electronisounds — Curated sounds from 8 different sample packs
Wave Alchemy — Drum Tools 01 Deluxe
This entire bundle was offered for a great price and 100% of all proceeds were donated to charity. This offer was only made possible because of these great companies that like supporting charity and supporting musicians.
If you missed out on Drum Heaven, don’t worry — we’ll be doing more like it very soon.
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Who we are

jesseheadshot2Hey I’m Jesse and I run this site with my friend Sebastian. I make music on Ableton and also curate playlists for Google Play, run a small label, and recently graduated from NYU’s Clive Davis school.
Sebastian and I started this site because we love music and saw an opportunity to help musicians and support charity at the same time. I went to school for music, work with some amazing people in the industry, and have some great connections. I’m not saying this to brag — the entire purpose of this site is make those connections and the same opportunities available for you.
To learn more about Sebastian, myself, and why we do this, check out the Philosophy page.


I love our generation, and that we can all make the kind of music we want to make, but also help each other and share what we’ve learned. We don’t have to be hunched over a keyboard in the corner of a bedroom studio left to figure it all out on our own.
We all know the technological side of being a musician: music theory, engineering, acoustic treatment, etc. But there’s also a mental and psychological side to the creative process that isn’t talked about nearly as much.
I’m an active member on Reddit where I’ve written about the psychological side of being a musician. These posts have been received really well in Reddit’s musician communities, you might enjoy them too:
Stop Trying to Write Your Masterpiece
What If My Music Sucks?

Share your music with us

Look, we don’t just want you to give money to charity, we want you to get something great, and these companies want you to get something great, but the most important thing to us is that you make music with us and we want to hear your music and feature it.
Send us some of your music through the form below — we’d love to hear what you’re making. We’ll also soon be featuring musicians on our site.

Up next: If you’re looking for cool online resources for musicians, check out our resources page.
To learn more about us and why we do this, check out the Philosophy page.